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Monty Halls Great Escape - Beachcomber Cottage

Get a fantastic insight into life in Applecross, the beauitiful place I am lucky to live in.  Monty Halls Great Escape was filmed in Applecross last summer and goes out on BBC2, Sunday nights at 9pm.  I believe the imagery really captures the beauty and spirit of Applecross.  When watching Monty sat on the beach at Sands, quiet and content, not a soul around, it recaptures for me the many times we have enjoyed this beach.   

Monty Halls Great Escape, From the Author:
I had always wanted to know if the dream we all have of escaping the rat race holds true. Having been profoundly touched by Gavin Maxwell's book Ring of Bright Water as a child, I decided to move to a tiny bothy on the west cost of Scotland to see if reality matched the fantasy. I hasten to add that I'm certainly no survival expert, being somewhat notorious amongst my friends down south for being a blithering incompetent at DIY and cooking (and being on my own!). The book tells the story of the magical place I found, and the alchemy of my personal journey through the good times and the bad. It is mainly anecdotal, not really and DIY / cooking / wildlife guide - I hope it reads slightly more as a diary of the ups and downs of living the simple life (which turns out to be bloody complicated). I found a very special place in Applecross - the small fishing and crofting community where the bothy is based, and the memory of the last six months will stay with me forever. Hopefully this comes across in the book.ntly showing on BBC2, Sunday nights at 9pm,  was filmed in Applecross last summer.      

Also availiable to watch at

I hope you enjoy watching! 

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